Disciples Making Disciples

                                   8 Feb 2018, 7:30 p.m. 

     St Nicholas Church, Church Lane, Radford Semele
                                CV31 1US


The Deanery Mission Team have continued to discuss how best to help equip and support our rural churches. We have decided to have three inspiring evenings over the next few months to cover our Diocesan vision statement of Worshipping God, Making New Disciples & Transforming Communities.


The first of these is on Making New Disciples at St Nics Radford Semele on Thursday February 8th 7 for 7:30pm start and it's really exciting to have Matt Summerfield coming to run this evening for us. Matt is from Urban Saints (used to be called Crusaders). The evening will last for a max. 2 hours.


These evenings are to inspire us in our faith as leaders of the churches so it would be brilliant to have as many of us there as possible and so we’re singing from the same hymn sheet so to speak! It will also be open to others, but we are encouraging people in a leadership role to come. So please do invite others - and yes, he will be worth cancelling a homegroup and bringing them along as well!


One or two of us have heard this seminar already, and it is not to be missed! And it’s free! Donations welcome though!


Next Deanery Mission Team meeting:


The White Lion, Radford Semele


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